I guess this is the place where I’m supposed to tell you who I am and list fun facts about my favorite coffee drink and penchant for traveling. I’ll start with the fact that I strongly dislike like the word penchant. So I won’t do that to you.

I like to consider myself a recovering former academic.

I’ve seen the world through the lens of a camera since I was 13, I just didn’t realize it until I had the courage (or stupidity) to leave behind the life I carefully crafted in forensic psychology and contemplate the possibility of life as a professional creative. Encouraging people to tell their story and live intentional lives is what I’ve always wanted to do, and psychology seemed the most practical route to take. After over 10 years in the field I realized I was no longer creatively or professionally fulfilled and decided to make a change. Deciding to make photography my profession, I’ve committed to a more creative and intentional life and am navigating the newfound freedom along with new challenges. I packed my bags and moved to Italy and am working on building my business both in Europe and the US.

I am a die-hard learner and curiosity is my drug of choice. I am inspired most by the potential found in hidden locations and nature and am called to tell the stories of various corners of the earth through fashion and creative souls. Fashion is another drug of mine, but less so because of consumerism and more because of creative expression. It all tells a story, and I want to tell yours.